【Team Randoseru / Sawano Popura 】Yuri Futanari] Two Miko Sisters

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#14, 30 Days:#49
Title:Yuri Futanari] Two Miko Sisters

Maker:Team Randoseru / Sawano Popura

Release date:2019/12/14
Genre:ASMR\r\n, shrinemaiden\r\n, lily(Liliumspp.)\r\n, Lesbian/Female\r\n, incest\r\n, wingedspindle-tree(Euonymusalatus)\r\n

Title:Nigata Miko Sisters [Full Length Binaural

This is the best work where two miko sisters are 'gifted’ with a curse from God!

The entire film is binaurally recorded so that you can enjoy the realistic dialogue of “yuri sex".

“Track contents.

1.[Night crawling] A miko… two people, in front of the gods [only chrysanthemums]… 14:44

2. I’ll turn your sister into a man! …3:51

3.[Handjob masturbation] I remember my sister’s breath… [Chrysanthemum only]… 5:23

4.[Peeping Tom] What’s with the lilting voice? …7:13

You… what are you hiding? …4:32

6.[Verbal abuse] You will be mine… 9:01

7.[Ear/breast attack] Cry more pretty tears…11:19

8.[Hand Job / Piesuri] Do my breasts feel good? …12:55

9.[Sex with a lid] I’m at the end of my patience… …15:11

10.[Futa-nari sex] Chrysanthemum becomes a demon… …19:22

11.[Earworm, healing part] Come here, come here. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not.

2 hours, 16 minutes, 11 seconds

freebie (e.g. with a purchase)

Chrysanthemum only… 59:44

Cherry blossoms only…1:25:28

Full length 4 hours 41 minutes 23 seconds

Kiku: CV Sawano Popura.

【ふたなり百合】二形巫女姉妹 [チームランドセル]

She is attacked when she confides her feelings for Hi, a pure and innocent girl and shrine maiden.

Chrysanthemum refuses to reciprocate her sister’s feelings.

We agreed to cooperate in the area of not wanting to get married.

So I consulted the Inari god who protects the shrine.

A spell cast by the god Inari accidentally falls on Kiku, causing her to grow male genitalia.

Then her beautiful older sister makes a pass at her, making her horny, and Kiku spends her days in agony, enduring her sister’s seduction.

He’s religious and has a strong core.

She is kind and loves her sister.

An unsullied girl.

Common sense.


Sakura CV: Yuusa Mibuki

【ふたなり百合】二形巫女姉妹 [チームランドセル]

A miko girl who has feelings for her younger sister, Kiku.

Her father, who runs a Shinto shrine, offers her a marriage proposal, which she rejects, but he persists and she is baffled.

His feelings for Chrysanthemum force him to attack her.

After that, he was rejected, but he continued to have feelings for her.

He notices that there are things growing on the chrysanthemum that “shouldn’t be there.

A pretty, beautiful, perverted woman.


I love my sister.

A tomboy.

Slightly S-shaped

What I would recommend

I created this as a full-fledged naughty work for Team Randoseru.

It’s not something that you project yourself into, like other yuri works.

It is purely an “audio to enjoy the sex between girls as a third party.

Also, there are many sexually explicit scenes this time around.

This is a work for people who want to enjoy yuri sex.

The older sister is basically the aggressor, but there are scenes where the younger sister turns the tables and attacks.

At the end, there’s a 30-minute earworm voice for the soothing part.

It is also designed to be enjoyed as a soothing audio work.


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