【Eomoa Specialty Store / Jemiko Yamada】The story of a girl who is disposed of as a defective trainee

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Title:The story of a girl who is disposed of as a defective trainee
Maker:Eomoa Specialty Store / Jemiko Yamada
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:Lolita, Decadence/Immorality/Immoral, Torture, Confinement, demon, Lyona

This work contains a lot of violent expressions.
Although this work contains many violent expressions, it is not intended to endorse violent or abusive behavior.


A girl is kidnapped and taken to a
A girl was kidnapped and kept in captivity.
And raped her every day.
Beat him.
I did everything I could to train him.

Now she’s my only sex slave.
He tries his best every day.

But today, she finally reached her limit.


The girl is obedient because she is already trained.
The girl is obedient because she has been trained.
But the heart is not dead.
If you do what we say, you can go home.
I believe that and I serve.

The moment when the girl who completed training is broken](Rape – beating – stabbing with a knife etc.) 28:32
When I go home, there is a girl with depressed eyes.
I say [welcome home] and kiss her good-bye.
She spontaneously offers to serve, but doesn’t do it very well.
The girl’s complexion changes when I try to use her bottom because I have no choice.

Track 2 [The girl when she was healthy]02:29
Before being disposed of as a defective product, the girl also had a [normal] life.

Track 3[Girl Before Training](Deep Throating – Beating)09:55
The moment when a cheerful, bright, and unquestioning girl is instilled with fear.

Total play time 40:57

◆CV Jemiko Yamada

Illustration by Fukin Ando


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