【MC】New OL first time in erotic sales – I’ll use my body to get a contract with two seniors! ~You can find it at

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Title:New OL first time in erotic sales – I’ll use my body to get a contract with two seniors! ~You can find it at
Release date:2019/12/26
Genre:boobs, OL, bitch, Creampie, Urinating/Peeing, anal

20XX Worldwide resistance to sexually explicit behavior has dropped significantly.
In the past, this has been the case for many women, but now it is also the case for men.

Hanano is a new employee with a serious-looking loli face and big tits, who wears her black hair in one bun.

It’s the first day of sales for the company.
In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to use it to buy a lot of things.

The three of us were sent to a conference room, where we immediately took off our clothes, exposed our tits, and began to use our bodies for sales.
This is the story of office workers who win new contracts with their bodies.

-They start their presentation in their underwear with their big tits lined up on the desk.
-They are licked, sucked and teased on their breasts and nipples by the old man from their business partner.
-She ripped her pantyhose and spread her legs on the desk. It’s a great way to start a masturbation show.
-Take off her pants and lick her anus, making her tremble and cower.
-A new office worker is incontinent after coming from an unfamiliar cunnilingus.
With their hands on the desk, the three of them stood side by side, thrusting their beautiful asses out, and begged to be penetrated raw in the back.

She even offered her asshole to the guys who were into it. Two-hole service of pussy and asshole.

It’s an orgy of play for a contract, live fucking, Creampie and service cum shower!
100% contract rate. It is recommended for those who want to see the physical entertainment techniques of overly erotic beautiful female office workers.

Full color comics
41 pages with text + 41 pages without text + PDF version


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