【DLsite Official Chinese Works/Bei Xiaoliang】Cure Face2 – Mina Chinese dubbed version

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Title:Cure Face2 – Mina Chinese dubbed version
Maker:DLsite Official Chinese Works/Bei Xiaoliang
Release date:2019/09/12
Genre:Cure, older, oldersister, Twin-tailed

This work is by Mr. Dieblest
This is a Chinese dubbed version of [Cure Face2-Mina [Re-edited Version](RJ175803)].

Cure Face2-Mina

This is a Chinese dubbed version of [Cure Face2-Mina(RJ175803)].
This is the first time that I’ve been able to get a hold of a woman who is still new to the store, [Mina], and I’ve been able to get a hold of her for skin cleansing, shaving, facial treatments, and shoulder tapping.
This is an audio work where you can get a lot of facial treatments from [Mina], who has just started working at the shop.

Homemade sound effects are recorded in binaural.
It is recommended to use headphones or earphones when listening to it.

A wav file (1411kbps) is also included as an extra.

[Welcome to Track1Cure Face!] (10:14)
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a facial care product in a city rich in nature.
You are a regular customer there, and as usual, you have come for healing.

Today, I’m going to get a facial care treatment with the option of…
The woman in charge, “Mina," seems to be a newcomer…

[Track2I’m going to cleanse your skin](16:55)
Before getting a facial treatment, you need to cleanse your skin first.

Apparently it’s not a cream or anything like that that you put on your face, but a cleansing oil.
A steamed towel is placed on the face to open up the pores, and then the oil is applied to the entire face.

After massaging and blending it all over, wipe it off with a tissue and clean the pores with a vacuum cleaner.
And after that, you’ll get steam all over your face, which is a rare experience for men!

What to do
Massage with cleansing oil, suction machine to remove dirt from the pores, and steam.

[Track3 shaving for your face](19:29)
Mina continues with the shaving foam.
Now she’s going to use this to take care of her face.

After applying a generous amount of foam to the upper part of the face, chin and around the mouth, he carefully shaved his beard with a razor blade.

What to do

[Track4 main facial care](01:02:55)
After finishing the facial care, it’s time for the main facial treatment.
Based on the check sheet you filled out right after your visit, the treatment will be tailored to your condition.

First of all, based on the symptoms of [difficulty sleeping at night], she found that her skin was dull and her blood flow was poor, so she decided to give her a treatment that focused on the acupuncture points on her face.

What to do
Massage of the entire face, focusing on acupuncture points

[Track5 finishes with a shoulder slap](15:17)
After a long day of facial care, the finishing touch is a tap on the shoulder from Mina.
It seems that instead of suddenly tapping, she gently rubs the area to be tapped beforehand.

The tapping on the shoulders is not too strong or too weak, but it is done with just the right amount of strength to make you feel comfortable.

Thump…thump…thump…thump on the side of the neck, trapezius muscles, and other stiff muscles.

What to do
shoulder tapping

-Play time
About 120 minutes + extras (free talk)

-File format
wav format, JPEG

-Voice actors
North small pepper

-illustration production
Akira Urogetsu


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