【Sexual Life Hacks / Yomiko Aoi Shuka 】The Matchmaker Maid’s Forced Breeding Assistance Service – Hero Master, I’ll Help You Betray Humanity

[Ranking]24 Hours:#23, 7 Days:#43, 30 Days:#84
Title:The Matchmaker Maid’s Forced Breeding Assistance Service – Hero Master, I’ll Help You Betray Humanity

Maker:Sexual Life Hacks / Yomiko Aoi Shuka

Release date:2019/06/14
Genre:indecentlanguage\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, cool(pleasant)attack\r\n, Decadence/Immorality/Immorality\r\n, “useofseductivetechniquestoattainonesends(usu.ofwomen)\r\n", (sexual)foreplay\r\n

~ Synopsis.

You are one of the righteous heroes who keep the peace.

Today, they were fighting against an evil organization that threatened the peace.

You were fighting the good fight, but after one of your friends was captured by the female leader of the organization, the situation changed drastically.

Discord among the remaining members of the group. Pressure from the world that sticks out.

If you lack normal judgment, you will rush into the enemy’s main camp alone.

It was Venier, another bewitching female executive, who intercepted her.

Perhaps you lost your cool at her cheap provocation, or perhaps you were impatient, but even you were beaten by Venier.

The place where I was confined was a small, dark, empty room with only a bed.

The mysterious restraints that were placed on him prevented him from using his abilities, and his escape was hopeless.

From the sound of a polite tap on the door, a strange woman appears and bows deeply.

Neat and tidy, yet somehow suspiciously sensual, she calls herself Sera, the maid.

She whispers emotionlessly. Your treatment. She whispers sweetly. Your way out.

From now on, you are her master. And regardless of your will, her service will begin.

Tongues crawling insistently in my ears, obscene sounds stirring in my brain, gloves tickling and caressing my body.

And a characteristic masturbator that mercilessly squeezes the genitals.

You writhe helplessly, as you are not used to doing anything sexual.

You can’t do that. No matter how good it feels, if you fall to your heart’s content.

A sense of justice is the strength of the heart. The strength of a hero is directly connected to it.

If you don’t lose heartily, you might get a chance someday.

Besides, you are a hero who protects everyone.

He would never do such a thing, seeking his own pleasure and offering his pride and his semen to an enemy woman.

I’m looking forward to the moment when his face will be soaked in debauchery and he will fall as a stallion for the invasion of humanity.

So please take care of me from now on, my new master.

This is a lewd voice-drama work in which a maid hired by an evil organization teasingly supports the hero in order to make him sire a monster.

Character Introduction


An executive of an organization that opposes the heroes, she is a military-like woman who is strict with her subordinates.

On the other hand, she has a tendency to fall in love with men she likes, and she has been instructed that any man captured by the organization must pass through Venier’s checks.


A maid belonging to the organization. She is a clerical and unemotional woman who does her job well, and is trusted by the people around the center of the organization, including Venier.

He is also loyal and hardworking, willing to use any means to improve his work efficiency.

About the contents

voice volume

01_Prologue (about 1 minute)

synopsis of the story

02_Part 1 (about 40 minutes)

Ear breath attack, ear licking, caressing and masturbation by maid Sera

03_Part 2 (about 28 minutes)

Virtual sex masturbation support with special video by Sera the maid.

It’s divided into three parts of about an hour and ten minutes.

I hope you can listen through it at first.

If you have a masturbator, it may be easier to get into.

I think it would be easier to get into the conversation if you could prepare a cuddly pillow with a feminine scent.

The entire film is recorded in binaural, so please listen to it with earphones.

We have prepared files with and without sound effects, as well as left and right audio assignments, so please enjoy them in the file of your choice.

Extra illustration of Venier’s kissing face close-up. There is an unprocessed version of the second part of the video and audio, and a separate audio-only version of the second part.

There is another edited voice that immerses you in virtual sex in the second part. This one is the normal second part, but from the middle of it, the maid’s voice disappears and all you can hear is Venier’s. It is an edited voice with the image of being immersed in a virtual world. If you like, you can also listen to this one. (You will hardly be able to tell what the maid is doing on the front.)

It comes with a script and illustrated HTML.


Maid’s Cellar: Yuka Sunshine

Female Executive Venier: Ms. Popura Sawano

Cover and illustrations by: Ms. Tsutsumori


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