【Help of a lie / Ryouka Minase】Nekokokoro – Sweet master, bite me!

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Title:Nekokokoro – Sweet master, bite me!
Maker:Help of a lie / Ryouka Minase
Release date:2019/05/09
Genre:Moe, healing, Girl, Love/Love/Amaa, Nekomimi, tail

This work is recorded in binaural. We recommend using earphones or headphones.

The first work of the circle [help of a lie] that should be commemorated!

Your cat is a spoiled brat who likes to play tricks on you, so let Kokoro heal you and bother you.

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’m really excited about it.
CV is by Ryouka Minase! Please listen to it once!

01Welcome home, master —2:22
02Kokoro ni kakite nya! —16:09
03Sleeping with my master —22:52

Extra, 3 types of loop support
neck licking
Sleeping on your husband’s lap.
Snoozing on the futon


Ms. Minase Ryouka

Ms. zizio

Sound effects
on-jin sound man
Demon King Spirit
Mutant – Turtleneck – from Bob
耳かき(+α)Sound effects集[ハイレないゾ版(通常版)]

Inside the Circle – Editing – Scenarios

Production Circle
Help with Lies


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