【A Voice】In the palm of her hand.

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Title:In the palm of her hand.
Maker:A Voice
Release date:2018/10/27
Genre:LoveLoveLove/Amaaaa, softsex, Creampie, Fellatio, JapaneseRape, Maleacceptance

[in the palm of her hand].
Total play time – 56 minutes
Voice actor – Nekoda Buchi


[I didn’t say whose palm I was on, did I?]

She’s definitely a cool beauty when she’s not talking, she can do everything better than most people, and she’s older than you.
If you say it, everyone will envy you, and if you complain about it, they will even get angry.

I just feel like everything I do is in the palm of her hand….

The air was ungraspable, the smile was suggestive, and the language was misleading.

Still, she smiled happily and looked at me again today…

It’s worth teasing or playing with….


A woman who is one of [your] older childhood friends and lovers.
A dexterous, all-around type of woman who can do anything, but doesn’t have an amazing specialty.
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
In addition, the literature club is a club activity in name only, with almost only ghost members.

I like to use implied or suggestive language.
I like to watch [you] blush and wince as you think about the meaning of it. In short, he has a bad personality.


[each file description]

0- Notes (02 minutes)
1-Sneaking in the Club Room(18min)
2-Did I get your hopes up? (18 minutes)
3-Would you like some dessert (17min)

Play time – 56 minutes
File format-mp3
Extra files – various image data (JPEG-PNG), text of the script of the film, text of the summary of the film


Production Staff

Illustrations – cute fuguri
Voice actor – Nekoda Buchi
Scenario – Akamaru
Production – A Voice


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