【reddish blue】MARK YOUR KISS

[Ranking]24 Hours:#22
Maker:reddish blue
Release date:2018/10/21
Genre:loli, love-love/Ama-ma, paizuri, Bigtits/bigtits, Whipping

[After several years of moving to Tokyo, I finally found a significant other who had some kind of very big boobs.]

This is a manga about making love to and having sex with the big-boobed loli “Mayuki".
I’ve had a series of kisses on the front porch, and then I’ve had boob jobs.

We kissed and washed each other again in the bathroom.

It can be rubbed and massaged.

Text: 18 pages
Afterword – Appendix: 2 pages
Size: 1200 * 1694

This is the data version of the doujinshi distributed at Comic Market 94.


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