【Singing bell / Kaede Akino】A classmate who can only see you

[Ranking]24 Hours:#17
Title:A classmate who can only see you
Maker:Singing bell / Kaede Akino
Release date:2018/10/08
Genre:Healing, AllHappy, touch, Sticky/Coatty, softsex, Blackhair

Her story had reached her own ears as well.
Kagome Miru–also known as Garbage.
Why are you being abused, and how can you abuse one girl?
I don’t know what people who like to do that think.

I do know one thing.

The only thing I know is that I’m attracted to her.

This is the first R-18 work by Singing Bell.
This work is a combination of dialogue and calls, with an emphasis on the drama element.
The full-fledged R-18 scene will be in part 3 and after.

There will be no real scenes.

Please enjoy the beginning of the first time with the bullied girl who touches a man for the first time.


1The Classmate Who Can’t See Anything – Everyday Life After School 12:07

2The other side’s breath – call 111:06

[Your kindness, I can feel it in your voice.
Even though you’re not here, you’re here somewhere. You’re looking out for me.
I’m glad you’re worried about me. I’m glad. Thank you] [

3 firsts, emotion – call 209:57

[This, you know, the happiness in me, I think it’s seeping out.
I’m not sweating, I’m just soaking wet under my pajamas.
It’s not sweat. I don’t think so, but I’m in a chair, so…
I’m sitting in a chair talking to you right now, and I’m soaking wet.] [

4Dusk Runaway – After School for the Unusual18:10(First time–)

[I’d be happier than anyone else in the world if I could die with you holding me and breaking my body.

I don’t know how such a smell could exist, but it does.
I’ve never smelled anything like this before, but it’s nostalgic and deeply relieving, hahahaha]

[Do you like perverts? I see.
Then I’ll be more and more perverted.
I’m going to be the kind of guy who can satisfy your wants and desires, fill you up, satisfy you, and give you more.
I’ll be that kind of person. I’m sure I will.

Do you want to take off more?] [

5For you – call 313:45 (by phone -)

[You know what? I’m naked right now.
I’m naked now. I’m not wearing any clothes, no bra, no pants, nothing.
Can you get excited?] [

[I love it. I love you. I love it. I love you! I love you!
I’ll be by your side for the rest of my life. I’ll only look at you for the rest of my life. I’ll only look at you.
I can’t see. So, please, ejaculate on me, on me!

I can’t see you anymore.] [

Total play time 1 hour 5 minutes

Production (honorifics omitted):

Cast :

Kagome Miru (CV Akino Kaede)



Sound Effects :

Play with free sound effects!
On-Jin – Otojin
VoiceBloom http://voicebloom.seesaa.net/

Planning – Scriptwriting:

Kumoi Sun


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