【Hanazawa Suou.】Nyannyan Project 2nd

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Title:Nyannyan Project 2nd
Maker:Hanazawa Suou.
Release date:2018/09/15
Genre:Maniac/pervert, lewd/perverted, copiousamountsofjuice/liquid, handjob, Creampie, Forced/forcible

I got an app [nyannyan project] that lets me call girls
The second half of such a man’s youth Paco play
The app adds a mysterious item called [Introduction to Sexual Intercourse
We are now able to handle situations such as [alter ego], [dwarfization], and [futa-nari-ization] that could not be handled by brainwashing alone.

The “NyanNyan Project" gets even more intense as men’s youthful Paco drama accelerates further.

More than 25 basic CGs
More than 500 text differences


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