【Alkaforia/Chiyu】Please take me by your side [cuddling & healing voice].

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Title:Please take me by your side [cuddling & healing voice].
Release date:2018/08/28
Genre:Healing, Binaural/Damihe, glasses, Senior/Senior, lovey-dovey/soft-hearted, lovers

The sweet and sour summer of your youth will heal you.
The club’s retirement game is coming soon.
The last summer at Gakusha is coming to an end.
In the midst of all this, Nemu begins to feel a little impatient that the time she has left to spend with you is dwindling.
But she hides her feelings, saying she can’t let her senpai worry about her.
One day, as the end of summer approaches, a strong typhoon makes landfall in your area.
You invite Nemu to your house when she can’t go home.
The two of you are alone in a small bed. Nemu is closer to you than ever before…
[Please take me by your side.]
This is a story about a shy girl who tries a little harder for the sake of the girl she loves.
Nemu provides [healing] to you.
-Sleeping with you – Shyly, but still happily, Nemu will sleep with you.
Whispers of Love – Nemu can’t contain her overflowing feelings in front of her favorite you.
Youth – After the retirement game, it’s graduation. It’s all about the fleeting dreams of a limited amount of time.
Nemu praises and loves [you] a lot!
-If you’ve been depressed lately
-Those who have lost their confidence due to various reasons
-Those who want to be loved and served
-People who are tired.
-Those who want to feel youthful
Chapter 1: Senpai and Me (3:25 min.)
Chapter 2: Staying over with a senior(18min. 29sec.)
Chapter 3: By my senior’s side(11min13sec)
Extra Part 1: To a depressed senior(3min 39sec)
Extra 2: To senpai who want to be loved and treated well (4 minutes 54 seconds)
Extra Part 3: To senpai who are tired (4:25 min.)
~~ Total: 46 minutes ~~

3 cover illustrations
Voice actor comment voice (2min 36sec)
Continuation of Chapter 2, for sleep breathing repeat(3min 48sec)
No SE for the main story
Chapter 1: Senpai and I (without SE)(3min 15sec)
Chapter 2: Sleeping over with a senior(without SE)(17min55sec)
Chapter 3: By my senior’s side(without SE)(11:07)

It’s a moment of youth until you and Nemu get together.
The extra chapter: Nemu loves you a lot after she got married to you.

サークル アルカフォリア ( https://twitter.com/arcafolia )
声 ちゆ ( https://twitter.com/chiyudamon )
脚本 白百合凛子 ( https://twitter.com/xxx_Rinko_xxx )
イラスト つのしまくじら ( https://twitter.com/kujira_99 )
編集 月島色葉 ( https://twitter.com/tsukiiroha )

Character introduction

私をお側においてください【添い寝&癒しボイス】 [アルカフォリア]

Yumemi Nemu is a girl who loves you.
She is your junior.
Nemu is a shy girl who really wants to be pampered.
I’m a junior.
And the first person she opened up to was…
The first person I opened up to was you, my senior.

The first person that Nemu opened up to was you.
It seems that you are harboring a love interest that you are not aware of.


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