【Utakata / Ayusara】[Noryu – Ear Licking] Utakata no Yado – Summer Escape [Binaural – Healing].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#30
Title:[Noryu – Ear Licking] Utakata no Yado – Summer Escape [Binaural – Healing].
Maker:Utakata / Ayusara
Release date:2018/08/22
Genre:healing, ASMR, handjob, earlicking

The season is summer.

The man had not made a reservation at the inn.

The inn was located in the mountains in a remote countryside unexplored area.

It was the end of July, and the weather was so hot that we decided to stay here for a summer retreat.

The man came here for the first time without a reservation and was thinking of staying at a guest house if there were none available.

When he got off the bus, unusually, the other passengers got off with him.

On the way to the inn, the passenger also walked behind me, as if this was his street.

[You seem to be alone, are you here for sightseeing?]

The passenger, a woman, smiled and approached me.

What’s your name?

1:Encounter(7:50)You visit a village, you hit it off with a woman who was on the bus with you, and you decide to walk to the inn together. But what about the woman?

2:At the Inn (8:11)The inn is not ready yet, probably because you came without a reservation. But Azuma was in no hurry to welcome her.

3: Cool off with a wet towel (19:16) It’s sweltering hot, and sweat is pouring out of you. Azuma leisurely wipes your body with a wet towel. You’ll be able to find a lot more information on the web.

4: Chilled Rum (11:48) Shobu joins you. Azuma and Shobu entertain you. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

1:Summer Escape (13:20) Drinking on the edge. Cold beer and reminiscing. Some of the topics are nostalgic, and the distance between us draws closer.

2: Ear Licking and Tending (27:35) Ear licking and tending. In addition to ears, they can also lick certain parts of you?

3:From now on (7:11) The act is over, and it’s just you and Shobu. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that, mister.

The point of the work
-Summer’s summer retreatSummer is in full swing. Please feel the sound and be healed by these girls. You may feel cooler.

-They are all binaural, and are recorded in binaural throughout. Please meditate, lie down on the futon, concentrate on the sound, and immerse yourself in this world.

-Higashi, the new employee of the approaching distance and hospitality. She is Shobu’s senior. She is quite active, which means she is close to us. There is more touching than usual.

Azuma:Ms. Ichigo Kayama
Shobu (Ayame):Ms. Ayumi Sarah

Scenario,Editing:Naotsugu Amako
Illustration: Ikeya Kagura

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