【Dekoban / Asaki method 】Audio of Mia-chan soothing you with ear scratching and more.

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Title:Audio of Mia-chan soothing you with ear scratching and more.

Maker:Dekoban / Asaki method

Release date:2018/06/11
Genre:infatuation\r\n, littlegirl\r\n, portrayingchildreninaneroticstyle\r\n, expressionless\r\n

Audio of Mia-chan soothing you with ear scratching and more.

This work is a binaural audio work in which our child Mia Nashiki heals you by ear scratching and other means.

A younger, jittery girl will gently soothe you. We recommend watching it before you go to bed.

○ Story

Good evening, I’m here.

The day before the vacation, MIA came to stay at my house as usual.

They spend time showing me their new pajamas and having casual conversations.

As she does so, she notices that you’re a little tired, and suggests that she soothes you with a lap pillow and an ear scratch…

○ Character

“Mia Nashiki.

A girl with few words and few expressions.

Because of this, it is difficult to read her thoughts and actions, but she is basically a good and caring child.

They are cat-like in that they like to be warm and sleep.

She is Yua’s older sister and they get along well.

————————–(*not appeared in this work)————————————-

“Yua Nashiki.

She is cheerful and energetic, and is straightforward about what she likes.

Mia’s younger sister and big sister. She is willing to coordinate her sister’s clothes.

I also started doing handicrafts to dress up my sister. The problem is that she tends to go out of control sometimes.

She is good friends with Maho, who is also in the handicraft club.

“maho tatsumi

She is calm and has a bit of a natural disposition. She can be surprisingly pushy and can push others around.

He is a hugger and does a lot of skinship. He is particularly fond of touching his childhood friend, Chie, which annoys her.

She is a mood maker who is always smiling and makes everyone around her feel at ease.

“Chie Hijikawa.

He looks cool, but he is vulnerable to adversity and is often distraught.

Ticklish, childhood friend Maho’s skinship is a source of worry.

She likes to draw pictures and often has Maho model for her.

He has bad eyesight and is concerned about that.

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○ Track composition

01 Introduction (03:29)

02 Earwig (from right) (08:38)

03Thanks (from left) (02:07)

04 Sleeping Together (Right) (03:19)

05Sleeping (Right) (02:18)

freebie (e.g. with a purchase)

(Inverted version)

02-02 Earwig (from left) (08:38)

03-02Thanks (from the right) (02:07)

04-02 Sleeping together (Left) (03:19)

05-02 Sleeping (Left) (02:18)

Extra-02 Breathing (Right) (01:04)

Total time 20 minutes 55 seconds (excluding reversed version)

(MP3, 320kbps)(Trial version is crossfade, 128kpbs)

This is a binaural film. Please enjoy it with headphones.

○ Credit

Mia Nashiki CV: Shiki Asaki


Material used: [Sound effects and audio material can be used] Ear bud player


Illustration, script, editing: Akisameshia (@akisameshia)

Production: Dekoban



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