【A Voice】If you curse someone, summary version

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Title:If you curse someone, summary version
Maker:A Voice
Release date:2018/06/16
Genre:feminization, Sexchange(TS), Creampie, BlowJob

[If you curse someone, summary version].
Total play time – 251 minutes
Voice Actor – Yuna Mizuse


[For series purchasers]
This work is a summary version of the [When you curse someone] series.
The jacket image and product information text of this summary version are attached to the trial version file.
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If you curse someone, you’ll get two holes.
A friend who can do anything well. It’s not that I don’t like her, but she’s a real pain in the ass.
After all, he had a girl he liked as his girlfriend, and he envied her life as if he had never failed.

It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t think it’s that bad.
But in return, you become a woman and have two holes in your body—?

A compilation of four lovey-dovey comedies about these two!


I have two holes in my body.
An old friend of [you].
I couldn’t beat [you] no matter what I did, and I cursed [you] out of years of resentment.
Of course, I didn’t really think there was a curse, it was just a gloating thing.

But the effect actually came out and the curse turned me into a [woman] too.
In addition, you can’t go against what [you] say, and if you do something, you’ll get the favor of a stupid eroge specification. (According to him)

No, don’t do that. …… I’m a man, you know. …… Don’t do that! (I can’t resist at all.)


[each file description]

1-Cursed with two holes (RJ191000)(64min)
2-I cursed a man and he made me wear a costume (RJ202088)(67min)
3 – I Cursed a Man and He Pranked Me Outside (RJ216810)(57min)
4-I cursed a man and he made me a woman (RJ226839)(62min)

Play time – 251 minutes
File format-mp3
Extra files – various image data (JPEG-PNG), text of the entire script of this series, text of the work summary


Production Staff

Illustration – KAWAII FUGURI
Voice Actor – Yuna Mizuse
Scenario – Akamaru
Production – A Voice


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