【Cafe Tsuzuri / Wa Naruse】How to Drink?

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Title:How to Drink?
Maker:Cafe Tsuzuri / Wa Naruse
Release date:2018/07/29
Genre:Healing, AllHappy, earcandling, Love/Love/Amaaaa, heartwarming, lovers

[Hello, it’s me.
I’m calling to let you know that my friend and I are going out to lunch today.
Oh, and of course, it’s my girl friend I’m meeting.
My friend and her friend’s boyfriend got engaged, so I’m going to congratulate them.
It’s only noon, but since it’s a celebration, we’ll probably have some drinks.

Just to let you know, we will be breaking up in the evening, so don’t worry.
I’ll get back to you later] [

It’s been a good amount of time since I started dating you, but I still can’t seem to be honest with you.
She has such a problem.
The days pass by without you being able to do anything about it, even though you’re feeling a bit hazy.
One day, I was on my way home from lunch with a friend.
She suddenly felt lonely and came to visit you.


-main story

01a Answering Machine (00:49)
Message from her on the answering machine.

[Hello, it’s me].

02 me, girlfriend (05:43)
Night. You’re in your room, and she calls you.
The only thing is, she’s acting a little strange on the phone, isn’t she?

[I’m your girlfriend. I’m on my way to your house.]

03Eat, Bath, or? (02:48)
She takes a shower and looks a little calmer.
After asking her what she wanted to do afterwards, she seemed to notice something?

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Do you want to take a bath? No, or wow, wow]

04 beer toast (03:44)
Dinner together at the supper he prepared for you.
This is actually the first time I’ve had alcohol with her. Cheers with a beer!

[Thank you for your hard work today. Cheers]

05Please have a refill (03:34)
She pours me a refill of beer.
I’m a little worried about her drinking at a high pace while we’re talking?

[But, like I said before, I’ll do it in moderation. It’s okay, it’s okay. Yeah]

06The party is in full swing? (04:31)
The pace is clearly high.
You suggest that it’s time to stop drinking.
But she insists that she’s not drunk yet–

[Too much already? No, not much. I’m not drunk yet.]

The party is still going on. (16:07)
I was beginning to worry about her, as she was not looking well – or at least not as well as usual.

When I suggested that we sober her up, her response was?

So I’ll make you a cup of coffee, though I’m not sure if it will help you sober up …….

And in the middle of coffee time.
After a brief struggle, her honest feelings spilled out of her mouth.

I want you to listen to my selfishness for a moment.]

I’m going to take a nap. (22:18)
Remembering her own actions of the previous day, she was flustered.

I was able to calm him down after that, but he wanted to apologize for something.

[How about we just go to sleep for a second time?]

If you want to go back to sleep, go to track 08b, if you want to get up, go to track 09a.

08b Good Night (04:56)
You’ll sleep soundly in her sleep.

09a Should we get up soon? (02:21)
She whispers to you, inviting your consciousness to wake up.

[Now, is it time to get up?]

09b Good Morning (00:59)
She gives you a morning greeting as you wake up. Then smiles at you.

[Mmmm, let’s make today another good day!]

Shall I scratch your ears? (22:14)
You are a little concerned about the condition of your ears.
It’s a good thing you’re not the only one.

I’ll give you an ear scraping then.

Total 1:30:04

-Extras (audio)

00Riadmi (01:40)
A read-aloud version of the included [Riedomee txt].
There are extras too!

01b Murmuring after a phone call (01:01)
After leaving an answering machine.
Murmuring, leaking from her mouth.

11I have to let you scratch my ears, yada yada yada! (23:49)
A later story.
It was another night of drinking at his house. She was drunk and made a proposal(?). I’m sure you’ll understand.

I’m going to scratch your ears now!

(10:15) (10:15)
This is a furie-talk by Wannaruse.
Must listen!

Total 0:36:45

Total 2:06:49

-Extras (diffs, illustrations)

Track without SE in the main story
Package illustrations (with and without logo. Total of 3 illustrations with and without logo, and the reversed difference of the illustration with logo)
SD illustration of a character (1 point)

The audio for the main story is recorded using binaural microphones for two tracks, Torakku 10 and 11 (an extra later story), and normal microphones for the other audio.
Environmental sounds are also recorded with binaural microphones.

Some of the audio in the film was recorded with normal microphones and edited to look like a binaural recording.
This is not the same as a binaural recording, so please make sure you are correct.

In Torakku 08a and 09a, I use a relaxation technique called the autonomous training method (self-hypnosis).
Please listen with safety in mind.
Please note that we are not responsible for any problems that may arise from listening to this voice.
Please be aware of this before listening.

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和鳴るせ 様( http://ruse3.kinugoshi.net )

杜崎ヨノモ 様( http://yonomonomo.tumblr.com )

-Scenario/environmental sound/editing
おにさくら( http://kissatsuzuri.blog.fc2.com/ )


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