【Meloic / Rokka Mizutani】Ejaculation resistant sex with an older girlfriend

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Title:Ejaculation resistant sex with an older girlfriend
Maker:Meloic / Rokka Mizutani
Release date:2018/04/27
Genre:lewdwords, lovers, handjob, Creampie, Titties, titillation

You are in love with your slightly older girlfriend.
You are still young, and you rely on her to pay for your love hotel.
So, you have no choice but to follow her sexually voracious lead.

Sex in a love hotel today.
She wraps a ribbon around your penis because she likes the look and sound of you moaning.
You can’t ejaculate unless you are untied.
She enjoys having sex with you, intensely aroused by watching you agonize over your desire to ejaculate.

At the end of long, long sex, you can only ejaculate one last time.
Please enjoy the intense ejaculation that you have been accumulating.

They will enhance it with handjobs and boobies, but they will not let you ejaculate.
And they tie a ribbon around your penis so you can’t ejaculate.

02_The real thing
He is inserted in the cowgirl position with his penis tied.
A long sex without being able to ejaculate even if I wanted to, and finally a big Creampie



Total time(01-02)01:03:47
03-04 is the version with SE of 01-02.

BGM is not included in this work.
The script is included in the package.

Voice actor [Rokka Mizutani].
Illustration by [Momori Kurosaki

Planning and production[Meloic].


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