【Re:Volte / Masaki Takasumi 】Sleeping Captive Life -Horyo☆Min

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Title:Sleeping Captive Life -Horyo☆Min

Maker:Re:Volte / Masaki Takasumi

Release date:2018/03/09
Genre:healing\r\n, leg\r\n, hypnoticvoice\r\n, “maam(usedbygeishatorefertotheirsuperiors)\r\n", warrior\r\n, fantasy\r\n

You are a prisoner of war, and an enemy soldier is trying to put you to sleep. The one in charge is a young female soldier. It’s a very exciting prisoner of war life!

Re:Volte’s second original sleep-in audio work! With HiRES sound source compatible with FLAC and ALAC like other works!

Cast: Masaki Takasumi (Other Works: Touhou Nyurinsho 5 Burapure)

Conception/Planning/Screenplay/Direction: Mizunashi Ibuki


Illustration: Jinn @ Flypaper

Created by Re:Volte


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