【Re:Volte 】Touhou Yume Genroku vol2: Young Guardian’s Dream Song

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Title:Touhou Yume Genroku vol2: Young Guardian’s Dream Song


Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:healing\r\n, littlegirl\r\n, hypnotism\r\n, catears\r\n

(Music to gain detachment from this world)

This is the second collection of music to listen to before going to sleep. The music of Youmu Azuma is played in a fragile world view, bringing you to a world of peace and emptiness.

HiRES (88.2kHz) sound source is available for DL only!

[ Track List ]
01. noisourei no hugha kikiru (original music: Phantom Ensemble)

A Fairy Tale of Bubbles in the Sky (Original: Tono Fantasy Story)

03. Deep Green Dwelling Place (Original: Puppeteer of Bucuresti)

The Dream Song of a Young Guardian (Original: Till When?)

[ Cast and Staff ]
Vocal : saori
Flute : Ravy
(writing) song lyrics


イラスト : 茶colate [ https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=7461774 ]


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