【calme】KARAKARA2 R18+ Patch for Steam

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Title:KARAKARA2 R18+ Patch for Steam
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:healing, purelove


Let’s live.
In this earth.

A world in the far future, in a period of human decline known as the [Age of Twilight].
Most of the world is submerged, and people live huddled together on the few remaining pieces of land.
A small diner on the edge of the road leading straight to Sagami Francisco.
The main character, Leon, and the girl who lives and works there, Rusha.
And a cheerful girl, Aisia, suddenly appears to them.
One day, when life with the three of them has become completely routine, they find
The world of Leon and his friends begins to expand as they meet again.

It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who has a problem with this.
It could be a girl in a quirky costume that Leon meets at the market.
And then there’s the incident that casts a shadow over his peaceful life.

It’s about dry things coming together and empty things filling each other in.
This is how we live our lives.

This data requires the steam version [KARAKARA2 all ages version].
This data is a patch data to make the steam version [KARAKARA2 all ages version] R18.

This game is a sequel to [KARAKARA].
This is a sequel to [KARAKARA]. Please see here for details and character introduction.

この作品をプレイするにはSteam版「KARAKARA 全年齢向け版」が必要となります。
この作品は「KARAKARA2 R18版(RJ214946)」と内容の重複があります。


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