【Y’s Project 】Onna Ariki File No.004

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Title:Onna Ariki File No.004

Maker:Y’s Project

Release date:2017/12/18
Genre:“AWomansPerspective\r\n", Maniac/pervert\r\n, indecentlanguage\r\n, onanism\r\n, rape\r\n, irrumatio(fellatiowhereinthemajorityofmovementisperformedbythefelatee)\r\n

This is the fourth audio recording of a masturbation demonstration by the rare masturbator “Yuki".

Yuki has always had a strong desire to be tortured.

She immerses herself in extreme and perverted masturbation that you would never guess from her lovely voice.

This time, the masturbation menu is available at …….

[Stalker paranoia & monologue masturbation

It brings back memories of the stalking she suffered in the past, and escalates the experience further, masturbating while indulging in rape fantasies.

When a stalker sneaks into the room where she lives alone, he violently forces her to give in, and then humiliates her with a despicable trap, turning her into his meat slave.

In “Stalker Fantasy," she masturbates while describing the situation.

This time, I packed a lot of things into it, including some experimental attempts.

Yuki also performed a “monologue" in a separate recording.

Listeners are encouraged to think of themselves as stalkers.

The usual “extras" were also a big hit with the three of us (lol).

Please listen to the trial version first.

You can listen to the entire “Prologue," the digest version of “Stalker Delusion," and some of the extras.

If you like it, please purchase it.

Total recording time: approx. 2 hours 34 minutes

0 Prologue.mp3

1 Stalker Delusion part 1 (modified version).mp3

2 Stalker Delusion part 2 (modified version).mp3

3 Stalker Delusions part 3 (modified version).mp3

4 Monologue (modified version).mp3

Extra 1 (another masturbation juice system).mp3

Extra 2 (another masturbation beast type).mp3

Extra 3 (secret)

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