【Wisdom Seeds / Narumi Aisaka】How about a maid who wants to heal her master with all her might? (Dummy head binaural)

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10, 7 Days:#31
Title:How about a maid who wants to heal her master with all her might? (Dummy head binaural)
Maker:Wisdom Seeds / Narumi Aisaka
Release date:2017/12/16
Genre:Healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Earwax

Master, it’s morning.
Please wake up.
It’s the job of the maid, Ira, to take care of the master’s personal needs.
I will not tolerate your sleeping habits.
I’ll fix it up for you.
You’ll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great way to get rid of your stress.
How about this sound?


All recordings are done with dummy head microphones.

Please enjoy it with headphones.
96kHz/24bit FLAC version and mp3 version are packed at the same time.
Please enjoy it with your favorite sound source.



[01] Master, your sleeping habits. (Shampoo):27min 07sec
Master, you’ve got a sleeping habit.
It’s crazy to go out with a splashed head like that.

I’m sure Ira will fix it for you…

[02]Please heal your ears too…(ear scratching):32:59
I wanted to heal my tired master. ……

Please let me scratch your ears.
Please make yourself comfortable with Ira’s lap pillow and ear scratching.

[03]Isla’s favorite tuning fork…:20:55
We have a special healing for you today.
Isla’s favorite tuning fork.
The vibrations of the tuning fork will surely heal you.

[04]Please sleep with Isla tonight (cuddling):10:24
I’d like to sleep with my master tonight.
But I have to leave when the morning comes.
Please let me feel your warmth, even if only for a short time.

Total recording time: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 25 seconds

Planning and production: Chie no Mi

Scenario: miyabi

CV Narumi Aisaka

Illustration by Kujukutsu


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