【Mahou Kobo / Hanamigawa Yufu】Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Extra Pack 4 (Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 10-12 Summary Pack)

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Title:Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Extra Pack 4 (Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 10-12 Summary Pack)
Maker:Mahou Kobo / Hanamigawa Yufu
Release date:2017/12/14
Genre:Sister, angel/devil, MagicalGirl, Wizard/Witch, Occult, Magic

Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Extra Pack 4 (Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 10-12 Summary Pack)

This work is a set of 10-12 volumes of [Introduction to Wizardry 2 series].
Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct one.

This is a set of volumes 10-12 of the [Introduction to Wizardry 2 series] in a great value summary pack.

This pack contains the following three works.

-Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Volume 10 Calibration [Absolute Vertical and Absolute Horizontal] [Psychosomatic Adjustment with Absolute Reference Values] (RJ189067)
-Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Volume 11: Memory Access (RJ191228)
-Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Volume 12: Rescue Signals & Transmissions (RJ198899)

Summary of the work
A new series (Chapter 2) appears in Mahou Kobo’s masterpiece [Introduction to Wizardry].

The basic series of Maho Kobo, [Introduction to Wizardry] has come back with a new look.
The main character of the second chapter is the sister who is familiar with [Light Body Work], replacing the grand wizard-chan.
Excelcia will be in charge of the lessons.

The previous series, [Introduction to Wizardry], was a series that condensed the essence of what it takes to live in modern society, but
In the second chapter, we’re going to look at some new magic that will deepen your understanding of magic, while raising the overall level of those techniques.
In the second chapter, you will learn about new magic that will deepen your understanding of magic, as well as magic with many applications, in the same loose and fun way as the previous series.

There is also a trial version available, if you want to listen to it.
I’ve divided my work into tracks, so it’s easy to use and repeat only the practice parts.
This work is part of the Introduction to Wizardry series.
The story takes place in the same worldview as the

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Excelcia CV – Yumenoya Nemuri CV: Hanamigawa Yufu

Azumino KoiCV:Aoyagi Ruu

Character illustration: Kukiha

Background illustration: Himitsu

BGM:Free BGM-MusMus


Production: Maho Kobo


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