【Oni Aristocrat】Oni of the Cliff Village – Tonari no Tomoe! ~My Neighbor Tomoe!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#47
Title:Oni of the Cliff Village – Tonari no Tomoe! ~My Neighbor Tomoe!
Maker:Oni Aristocrat
Release date:2018/02/20
Genre:tits, Shota, widow, Cuckold, humiliation, Bigtits/bigtits

Momotaro, fallenーー.

Momotaro, who was born in a small village next to a cliff, met three female demons.
When Momotaro learns that he is no match for them in strength, he plots to defeat the demons in a different way.

The story is based on a story of a young man who finds himself in the middle of a war.

– There is basically no combat in this game.
– The events change depending on the time of day: morning, noon, and night.

HCG basic 30+ cards

– Many shota onee elements are included.
– There are also a few oneshotas.
– There is some hard play such as outdoor, bondage, urination and defecation.

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