【Mahou Kobo / Yufu Hanamigawa】Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Volume 14 Divergent -Modification of the Story- -Creating Different Divergent Paths

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Title:Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS- Volume 14 Divergent -Modification of the Story- -Creating Different Divergent Paths
Maker:Mahou Kobo / Yufu Hanamigawa
Release date:2017/12/07
Genre:sister, angel/devil, MagicalGirl, Wizard/Witch, Occult, Magic

Introduction to Wizardry 2 -ANGEL BLESS-.
Volume 14 – Divergent
-Story Alterations
-The Creation of Different Divergent Paths


There is also a collection pack of volumes 13-15.

Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 14 does magic that alters the world of the story [Divergent].

This is the first time I’ve been able to do this.
In this work, you will learn the magic [Divergent] that corrects and modifies the story of a distorted world.

If you observe the existence of fictional worlds and other worlds as a [story] from a bird’s eye view, you may find some troubled situations with some problems in some worlds.
For example, [a world where only time passes without civilization evolving as if time has stopped].
For example, [a world where time passes without civilization evolving as if time stands still]
[A world in which no new inventions, changes in consciousness, new factors, or new possibilities are born, and society remains problematic and completely unchanged].
A world in which the interpretation of concepts has been distorted and has grown into a distorted civilization.
There are worlds where suffering continues and tragedies are repeated even though many of the inhabitants do not want it to happen, such as [a hell world infested with suffering].

These worlds, when observed as [stories], are
These worlds, when observed as [narratives], can be interpreted as being at a complete standstill because no characters, no superior knowledge, no good environment or new inventions can be created to change things.

Divergent is a magic that can save the world from such a deadlock and open up new possibilities, encouraging evolution and change.

You too can learn magic with Excelsior in a loose and fun way.

There are no prerequisites for learning magic in this game, but it is recommended that you learn the following information to make it easier to intervene in Divergent events.
-Introduction to Wizardry, Volume 7 [Dream Master].
-Introduction to Wizardry, Volume 12 [Creator’s Eye].

Main Menu Flow
-Introduction Drama
-Narrative World Description
-Divergent’s redemption of [the world of existing works
-Divergent’s redemption of [another world
-Divergent’s redemption of [this world
-Extras:Divergent short soundtrack

Contents(Total recording time 59:45)
-01 Introduction to Wizardry 2, Volume 14: Divergent Introduction (3:41)
-02Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 14 Divergent Description (6:12)
-S03Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 14 Divergent Practice (30:47)
-04 Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 14 Divergent Summary (6:39)
-05 Introduction to Wizardry 2 Volume 14 Divergent Short Sound Source (12:24)

There is also a demo version, if you want to listen to it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
This work is part of the Introduction to Wizardry series.
The story takes place in the same worldview as the

A new series has appeared in Maho Kobo’s masterpiece [Introduction to Wizardry]!
The basic series of Maho Kobo, [Introduction to Wizardry], has come back with a new look.
The main character of the second chapter is the sister who is familiar with [light body work], replacing the grand wizard-chan.
Excelcia will be in charge of the lessons.

The previous series, [Introduction to Wizardry], was a series that condensed the essence of what it takes to live in modern society, but
In the second chapter, we’re going to look at some new magic that will deepen your understanding of magic, while raising the overall level of those techniques.
In the second chapter, you will learn about new magic that will deepen your understanding of magic, as well as magic with many applications, in the same loose and fun way as the previous series.

Features of Introduction to Wizardry 2
In this series, the more you chew on it, the more it tastes and the more you learn.
In this series, there are many silvery techniques that become even more powerful when used in certain ways.

If you want to learn more advanced techniques than the previous series, this is the series for you.
This series is ideal for those who want to further develop their basic skills and learn the basics for application.

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This work is not a hypnosis sound source.
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Excelcia CV:Yufu Hanamigawa

Amanogawa Yuragi – Houjou Yukari – Sakakura KokoroCV:Asagi Shiki


BGM:Free BGM-MusMus

Scriptwriting-Sound Editing-Sound Effects:Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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