【boil with salt】L. M. S. Torres

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#18, 30 Days:#57
Title:L. M. S. Torres
Maker:boil with salt
Release date:2017/12/02
Genre:whip/rope/candle, lolita, queen/princess, Bondage, SM, Maleacceptance

-Composition: 13 basic pages, 220 pages including differences, with and without text, plus alpha Total: 441 pages
File size: 1500x1000px

Play content
-Dick slapping
-gold kick
-foot licking
-nipple biting
-testicle vise torture
-W hand job
-Anal torture
-Holy water
-Male masturbator job
-Peniban anal torture
-Nipple pinching
-Urethral torture
-humbler testicle torture
-masochism memorial photo

Picture – Gin
Text-March Hirari

SM cheating with two students.
Enjoy the humiliation and feeling of being defeated by little girls.


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