【Peirifukoubo/Masakifun】Kanata Konata Hypno Library

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Title:Kanata Konata Hypno Library
Release date:2017/12/01
Genre:lewdwords, continuousclimax, hypnoticvoice, SexChange(TS), Torture, Hypnosis

[Do you like stories?]

Go into hypnosis while imagining a story being read to you.
Literature TS (sex change) R-18 hypnosis audio for men.

Audio data list
Main story (with sound effects) wave
1 Do you like stories? ~Beginning~ 2:27
2 Welcome to the Hypno Library ~Introduction~ 3:58
3 Stories ~Imagination Deepening~ 13:24
4 A Break ~Break Chat~ 4:00
5 You are the hero of this story. ~The Beast and the Sex Act~ 40:14
6 Epilogue ~Hypnotic Library~ 2:21
↓Extras for the main story (for week 2)
7 Introduction for Week 2 Extra 1 ~Let’s relax before you listen! ~ 4:50
8 Do you want to take a deep breath? Extra 2 ~Deep Breathing Only~ 1:26
9 For Week 2 Deepening Extra 3 ~Standard Deepening ~ 1:58
10 Hypnosis of pleasure transmitted through the hands Extra 4 ~Listen after deepening! ~ 2:40
Total time 1:17:22
Full length (no sound effects) mp3 1:15:44

↓ Audio extras (title withheld to prevent spoilers on first viewing)

Introductory setting (a shortened version of the main story 123)
1 Short introduction
2 Short introduction
3 Stories 1
4 Three Stories 2
5 Three Stories 3
6 Short Introduction 2 Total 12:50 mp3

Main 5 setting (Separate audio data for main 5)
1 The Beast and the Sex Act 1
2 〃 2
3 〃 3
4 〃 4
5 〃 5
6 〃 6
7 〃 7
8 〃 8
9 〃 9
10 〃 10
11 〃11 Total 39:44 mp3

wave=sound quality is important
mp3 = light on data
1 hour 17 minutes x 2 + extra 52 minutes 34 seconds
Total time 3:25:40

Other content data
Package illustration data
Free folder for setting
Text data such as Introduction

TS (sex change), slow and dry (partly intense), a lot of reading with elegant lewd words.
Total play time: 3:25:40 CV: Masakifan
This is the first time I’ve done this.
I made this hypnosis for beginners and old-timers alike to enjoy in a variety of ways.

Basic order, week 1
“I want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere!" (23 minutes if you listen to the whole introduction deepening, the main story is about 40 minutes)
1Beginning →3Imagination Deepening
2introduction 4intermission chatting
5Beasts and sex
6Hypnotic Library

“Keep it short and standard!" (12 minutes for introduction deepening, 40 minutes for main story)
1 beginning →8 deep breathing only
2 introduction 9 standard deepening
5Beasts and sex
6Hypnotic Library

After the second week
“I want to hear the full story 10!"
9 For the second week Deepening → 10 Hypnosis of pleasure transmitted through the hands

“Enjoy the second week!"
7 For Week 2 Introduction or → 5 main settings (1-11)
Extra introduction setting

I’m interested in sensual fiction, but haven’t tried my hand at it.
I’m interested in sensual fiction.
I’ve scattered them all over Kanata Konata as hypnosis for reading.
I’m going to hypnotize you! It’s more like a relaxing sleep.
Please enjoy reading at your leisure.
The introduction should be long, so as not to disrupt the main story.
Instead, it comes as a separate data (extra) that can be set up later].
Enjoy a leisurely storytelling session with just the two of you!

Voice actor: Masakifan

Illustration: Nyamo


Total playing time: 3:25:40 -> 1 hour 17 minutes x 2 for the main story (with and without sound effects) + alpha (excerpt section)

File format: wave with sound effects without sound effects + extra mp3

List of extras

:3 audio for the second week + 1 audio version of “I come when you hold my hand" (implied test for coming)
:Excerpts from the main story in the work and data for setting (22 extra tracks in total)
Illustrations for the package (100×100 560×420 1120×840 2280×1680, etc.)
How to make an illustration (rough, color, coloring, no text)
:この音声のScriptまるごと(14061文字ほど 場面によって言葉が前後します。)
I’ve prepared two versions, one with sound effects and one without, so you can use whichever you prefer.


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