【Meat Existentialism/Furin Fat Works】Gain weight and win at physics.

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Title:Gain weight and win at physics.
Maker:Meat Existentialism/Furin Fat Works
Release date:2017/11/23
Genre:Maniac/pervert, Humanbodymodification

I attached an English translation text:March 12, 2018.

Myna is a female warrior, a profession that seems to have nothing to do with flab and fat.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman in a martial arts tournament lose her weight, and she decides to put on as much fat and flab as her body can handle.
As her body changes dramatically, so does her fate.

This is a copy of the A4/24 page book that was distributed at the doujin event, Pocchat!

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-Text folder
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Large size 1720×2428

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Illustrations – Materials (small – large)
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Large size1488×2105

-Original Illustrations
Original Illustrations (Small-Large)
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Small size 400×599
Large size 1250×1748

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