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Maker:Mahou Kobo/Asagi style
Release date:2017/11/22
Genre:Healing, MagicalGirl, wizard/witch, Maid, Occult, Magic

-unclogging the joints-.
Five Neck Guru Joint Rotation Exercise

Karada Reset Volume 10

This work is a sound source of gymnastic exercises to turn your neck, wrist, shoulder, and ankle in a circle and become energetic.

This is a series of exercises to heal the body by taking care of the body and mind from various angles.
It is a series of exercises to heal the body from various angles.

The 10th volume is about turning the five necks (neck, both wrists, both ankles).
In this work, the maid [Kokoro Sakakura] who appears in Kokoro Master Side M becomes the heroine, and turns the five necks in a circle.

Kokoro Master Side M

The five necks are both ankles, both wrists, and the neck.
These five areas have large blood vessels running close to the surface of the body, so they are vulnerable to cooling, but on the other hand, if you warm these five areas, the body will warm up easily and blood circulation will improve.
This area is also an important joint, and when tired, it tends to become stiff and circulation tends to stagnate.
In this body reset, we will rotate these areas around and around to energize them.

Turning the neck, both wrists, and both ankles in circles will help loosen blockages, improve blood flow, and increase performance by loosening up around the joints and muscles in key areas.

There are no prerequisites for mastering this work, but it is even more effective if you do the Swishow from Volume 7 for two minutes as a closing.
A health exercise to loosen up the spine Swaisho – Twist and loosen up the spine to relieve muscle stiffness and align the spine – Body Reset Volume 7

You too can refresh your body and mind with easy and simple movements.

It is best to do this work in a quiet, calm place.

Main menu flow
-Five neck turn
-Left and right ankle rotation
-Both wrist rotations
-Extra shoulder roll
-neck roll

Contents of the work(Total recording time 22:33)

-01Explanation of the five neck rolls(1:39)
-02Goshu-mawari main story(13:30)
-03Goshu-mawari short sound (7:23)

There is also a trial version, so please have a listen if you like.
If you want to try it out, you can listen to it here.
This work is part of the Kokoro Master series.
This is a story that unfolds from the same worldview as the Kokoro Master series

Trial version contents
-You can listen to a part of the full version in the trial version.

Contents of the full version
-The commercial version is recorded in MP3 at the highest quality of 320kbps.

How to listen
-It is recommended to listen in a quiet and calm place.
-Please listen to the sound source in your most relaxing and free style, such as headphones, earphones, or speakers.
-It is recommended that you listen at a normal or low volume.

This work is not a hypnosis sound source.
Please refrain from watching this video if you are in a bad mood or feeling unwell.
Please do not watch it when you are driving or operating machinery, or in any other situation that could lead to an accident.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
If you are worried about your heart, brain, or lungs, please refrain from watching this video.

Sakakura Kokoro CV:Asaki Shiki

Illustration:Asaki Shiki

Scriptwriting, sound editing, sound effects: Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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