【fukutame】The Maiden of Vengeance

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#5, Annual:#47, Total:#307
Title:The Maiden of Vengeance
Release date:2017/11/20
Genre:boobs, uniform, School/college, Faces, Lewd, anal


40 basic CGs, about 350 CGs in total

Play time to clear: About 10 hours

[Game contents]

This is a royal RPG with combat.

You can play the game by yourself.

It is a random dungeon, and the shape changes every time you enter.

There is an H event that can only be seen if the [Lewdness] level is high.
The [Lewdness] level can be raised by watching events and using certain items.

In the title menu, there is a [Gallery] where you can review the events you have already seen.

You can use the [Transfer Art] in the menu to move around the map smoothly.

You can re-fight bosses that you have defeated.

You can learn skills by spending experience at [Learn Skills] on the menu screen.

[H Situations]

Tentacles, spawning, anal, bellybutton, urinal—and more.
There are multiple intense H scenes.
The main character, Otome Onimoto, has the most H scenes.
There are also sex scenes for each character in the game.

There are also character introductions and a gallery on the work’s homepage, so please refer to those if you like.


RTP for RPG Tucool VX is required.
Please make sure to check the operation with the trial version.

You can get the RPG Tucool VXAce RTP at the following site.

The contents may be replaced due to bug fixes or version upgrades.
So we recommend that you register as a member before purchasing the software so that you can re-download it.

-If you divert the save data of the trial version to the full version
Please refrain from diverting saved data from the demo version to the full version, as this may cause bugs.

-The strength of the small fish enemies has been made relatively mild.
-Improved the reminiscence scene in the gallery.
-Modified the map a bit (reduced the size of the city map).


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