【Alpha Trill / Maa Endo】Her × sweet blame × short stop The audio of being drenched in pleasure and being punished a lot.

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Title:Her × sweet blame × short stop The audio of being drenched in pleasure and being punished a lot.
Maker:Alpha Trill / Maa Endo
Release date:2017/11/24
Genre:Noinversions, lewdwords, blowjob, Verbalabuse, ReverseRape, Maleacceptance


When you’re held up in bed as punishment for being late for a date, you’re subjected to her “punishment".

You’re usually on the offensive, but today you’re on the defensive.
I was rushed, stopped short, and my body was thoroughly played with. ……

It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation.

But this is a spanking.

No matter how much you writhe or go crazy with pleasure, she will never allow you to ejaculate.

I’ve been doing this for years.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but I’ve never heard of it.

It’s a sweet and frustrating 90 minutes of pleasure soaked “punishment" with a mean and smiling girlfriend. Please enjoy it.


[Introduction, Kiss, Hand Job](28:41)
When you’re strapped to the bed and can’t resist, she starts to “punish" you.
The kissing makes me impatient, the blame on the sensitive glans, the close contact with my body makes me lustful…

[breastfeeding handjob](18:15)
[If you want to be spoiled by tits so badly…]
They spoil you with baby talk, and they are mean to you.
If you’re about to pee your pants, you’ll be scolded with a [meh] and stopped short.

I beg for an ejaculation, but they won’t let me yet.
Her sensitive dick is sandwiched between her soft tits, and more pleasure is poured into her with no way to escape.

“Are you sure? I really don’t mind if I come like this…

In this video, you’ll learn how to make your own cock and how to make your own pussy.

I thought she was going to have pussy sex, but she brought out a masturbator. But she brought out a masturbator and didn’t insert it right away…

The more your body is tormented, the more you are held back, the more your mind goes blank.

The moment of ejaculation you’ve been waiting for.
While kissing her sweetly, I spit out a generous amount of thick, white semen into the masturbator.

Running time: 92 minutes 08 seconds

CV:Maa Endo
Illustration:Ms. Tenrai
SE: Mr. Miniko Materials
Production: Alphatolyl

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