【ristorante/Inori Satomura】SEX&Massage Salon – Simultaneous Healing and Sex Treatment – The Perfect Course

[Ranking]24 Hours:#14, 7 Days:#35
Title:SEX&Massage Salon – Simultaneous Healing and Sex Treatment – The Perfect Course
Maker:ristorante/Inori Satomura
Release date:2017/11/18
Genre:Healing, sister, earcandling, handjob, groping, Fellatio

A new work from ristorante, a dream-like healing salon audio work that offers healing and sex at the same time!
This work is of course also recorded in the studio.
A dreamlike space where a fluffy older sister healer and a cooler older sister healer treat you at the same time.

We will include the binaural microphone recorded voice version, the whispering part specialized version (only for the track including whispering), and the non-3D sound version.


It is a salon where you can relax your body from the core with [healing] treatments such as massage and ear scratching.

You can enjoy the most pleasant ejaculation in that state.
This is a luxurious salon where two healers work exclusively with you to give you the best treatment.

You can get a face massage and have your empty lower body caressed.

I’ve had my buttocks massaged and my testicles licked during a double blowjob + blowjob.
Watch the two healers share their semen with each other in a thick kiss after ejaculation.

After fully enjoying the soothing effects of double ear whispering, ear licking, and ear washing, ……

If the healers like you, they may offer you a secret back menu.

Yuka, the fluffy older sister healer

The cool and firm sister healer, Saki

Please enjoy the time of the treatment in such a dream-like salon.

Track content

0 Welcome to our store
1 Face massage + impatient caress
2 Blowjob + butt massage
3 Double ear whispering and ear licking
4 Ear wash + oil massage hand job
5 Double oil massage
6 Behind the scenes, threesome at the end

Omake ear scratching (Yuka and Saki individual part, double part with difference)

Voice actor Inori Satomura

Illustration by Mirisha

Some sound effects by Polar Bear’s Wife

Circle ristorante


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