【HAMMER_HEAD】Learning Animal Mating with Risa Matoko

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#75
Title:Learning Animal Mating with Risa Matoko
Release date:2017/09/00
Genre:beastiality, pregnantwoman

One undercover company managed to get animal-loving idol Risa Matou to appear in a backdoor porn shoot.
I was reluctant to accept the offer because I wanted to become a top idol and make my dreams come true.
The content was far more hardcore than you could imagine. Please enjoy the mating with dog, horse and pig!

This is a new bestiality book that came out on June 18, 2017!
It’s not a rape book, so it’s not too hard to get into. I think so.
In commemoration of the DL version, I made a different format from the mosaic processing (lines) of the book! (Please refer to the sample for the mosaic specification)

The basic 26 pages (including 23 pages of text), with a simple explanation of animal mating (in layman’s terms).
Two other resolutions are also available (1280×915)(1920×1372)


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