【The sense of sight】Her soothing diet support voice to pamper you.

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Title:Her soothing diet support voice to pamper you.
Maker:The sense of sight
Release date:2017/07/00
Genre:Moe, healing, AllHappy, bigsister, Love/Love/Amaaaa, twolovers

Dieting is really hard to do
I wish I had someone to soothe my fatigue so I could work harder.

I’m here to help you with your hard work.
We have prepared her loving and healing voice to pamper you.

[ear scratching isn’t enough, I want her to praise me more]
The concept is this

Give me more comfort to be pampered! And I want more compliments!
Here’s a sweet voice for you!

Let’s get rid of today’s fatigue with 5 minutes and 47 seconds of healing time!

—Voice actor information
[name]An Sakura

[other voice works]
-The voice of a younger sister cheering on her older brother as he spoils her deadline.
CV:Rito Ichinose
The voice of a kind sister who will relieve your fatigue
If you want to be praised and pleased with what you have made, please do!

-A confession to a cute junior is the key to a successful diet.
CV: Mashiro Shirayuki
The younger, fluffy junior will fall back in love with you for succeeding in your diet.
If you’re a fan of the shy praise of your favorite junior, you’ll love this one!

-How to lose weight and get your junior girl to fall in love with you
CV: Yuka Yomigaoi
This is the story of a slightly cocky junior who wasn’t interested in me at all.
But he succeeded in dieting and decided to look back at me!


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