【Crimenia】Private Justice Company 2

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#23, Total:#174
Title:Private Justice Company 2
Release date:2017/11/25
Genre:Exposure, shame/embarrassment, rape

Current version is 113.


Haruka, a girl whose hometown was taken away by an evil secret society [Evil Light], is
Haruka, a girl who was robbed of her home by the evil secret society [Evil Light], becomes a pilot of a bipedal robot and challenges revenge.

She belongs to a private defense company and is also engaged in PR activities.
Some of them are sexier than others.



A girl who swears revenge on the evil light.
Her body hair is white due to a side effect of a drug that the pilot ingests.

Trial version
The current version is 110.
You can play the beginning of the game with some limitations.
You can now transfer your save data from trial version 110 to the full version.
Please make sure to check the trial version before purchasing the full version.

This game was created with RPG Tucool VXAce.
Be sure to install RPG Tucool VXAce RTP before playing.


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