【MeyasuBako – MeyasuBako / Suzuka Fujio】Esthetic Salon – Healing Dolls

[Ranking]24 Hours:#11, 7 Days:#46
Title:Esthetic Salon – Healing Dolls
Maker:MeyasuBako – MeyasuBako / Suzuka Fujio
Release date:2017/05/00
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, lotion, earcandling, Titties, MultiplePlay/Orgy

Esthetic Salon – Healing Dolls
Welcome to

[BIRYO] CV:Suzuka Fujio
[Nene]CV:Mikami Mimi

In order for you to have a supreme time at our store, we will provide you with special services in addition to the usual massage and ear scratching.

This is a binaural high-resolution audio work with CVs Suzuka Fujio and Mimi Mikami.
The two of them will provide you with the best healing experience.

Point 1
KU100 Dummy Head Microphone
お馴染みKU100 Dummy Head Microphoneを使用!

Point 2
High resolution work
High resolution work(ハイレゾ24bit48k) スタジオ収録の段階から最高級の音を追求。
We deliver high quality sound that surpasses conventional CDs with high-resolution settings.

Point #3
Ms. Suzuka Fujio and Ms. Mimi Mikami’s dialogues, breaths, panting, and superb healing!

I can’t wait to see what they do!
Please enjoy the healing massage.


I’m always stressed out from work.

At that time, she finds an esthetic salon [Healing Dolls] that offers healing.

Normally, I would pass by, but I was mesmerized by the light overflowing from the door, and only then did I put my hand on the door

The goddesses who offer healing are

Older sister, elegant and gentle, but a little bit of a S word, senior esthetician “Miryo-san".

The first new esthetician who is quiet and shy [Nene].

Your heart and lower half of your body will experience the ultimate relaxation from the healing provided by the two.


Track Introduction

File format⇒High-resolution wav(48kHz/24bit)/easy-to-handle mp3(320kbps)
Two types are available. Please listen to it according to your preference.

The main story

0コース:エステティックサロン「ヒーリングドールズ」Welcome to (01:54)
Course 1: Pleasure Body Massage (08:23)
Course 2: Full body lotion massage (11:34)
Course 3: Climax Penis Massage (13:48)
Course 4: Whispering Six Nines (08:27)
Course 5: Climax ☆ cowgirl play (08:33)
Course 6: Sacred virginity insertion play (12:37)
7Course:Appreciation☆Ear massage and ear scratching (05:09)

The main story [1:10:25].

Download bonus!
-[I played with it] I finished recording Suzuka Fujio and Mimi Mikami – play voice [extra].
-Jacket illustration


Staff introduction

[BIRYO] CV:Suzuka Fujio様(@fujimurasuzuka)

[Nene]CV:Mikami Mimi様(@mikami_mimi )


-Planner & Editor: Hisashi Sawada (@zombie_shota)

-Production: MeyasuBako (@meyasubako_)

For the latest information on MeyasuBako, please visit our twitter and website.

There is a sexual expression. (R18 work)
No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented in any form or by any means without permission.


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