【Earl Grey / Saki Nakajima】Alice’s DOKIDOKI Disk SECOND’.

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Title:Alice’s DOKIDOKI Disk SECOND’.
Maker:Earl Grey / Saki Nakajima
Release date:2017/06/00
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, lovelove/amama, blonde

[Want to have a magical time?]

DOKIDOKI Disk SECOND’ by Alice – Margatroid is here!
A story that unfolds in a single bed.
The binaural recording clearly depicts even her breath, which can only be felt at a very close distance.
Concentrate all your attention on your ears and enjoy!

Track List
01Fingertip Miraceti (Voice)
02.Confict of puppeteer(Vocal)
03.Confict of puppeteer(Off Vocal)
04Grand Guignol of Dawn(BGM)


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