【Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise/soramame.】The brave hero who masturbates for three days to save a wizard from a succubus who has taken over the wizard.

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Title:The brave hero who masturbates for three days to save a wizard from a succubus who has taken over the wizard.
Maker:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise/soramame.
Release date:2016/12/31
Genre:Awizard/witch., Masturbation

A succubus possessed a wizard with little to no sexual knowledge.
For a certain amount of time before going to bed, the wizard’s consciousness is put to sleep, and the succubus’ consciousness comes to the surface instead.
The succubus impersonates the wizard and sexually pressures you to produce sperm.

The succubus will try to get you to cum, but you’ll have to be patient.
You can save the wizard by holding back your ejaculation for three days.

This is a binaural recording of everything but the rules.

Total 2 hours 49 minutes 14 seconds (binaural part about 2 hours 30 minutes)


After a battle with a succubus, a wizard notices something wrong with his body.
After a battle with a succubus, the wizard notices something wrong with his body and learns from literature that it is the [curse of the succubus].

If you receive the Succubus Curse and fulfill the conditions within three days, you will be cursed with the Curse of the Succubus.
It is said that the possessed succubus will completely take over the wizard’s body.

You, the brave hero, will do everything in your power to save her.

■The Curse of the Succubus?

The state in which a succubus possesses a girl.
For a certain amount of time before going to bed at night, the girl’s consciousness is put to sleep and the succubus takes control of her body.
The succubus impersonates the personality of the possessed girl.
The girl’s body is controlled by the succubus for a certain period of time before the girl’s possession.

When the succubus touches the semen, the curse is complete.
The girl’s consciousness is erased and the succubus takes complete control of her body instead.

There is only one way to break the curse.
For three days, the succubus must be prevented from touching the semen of a particular person.

In other words, in order to break the curse
You, the hero, must resist ejaculation for three days.

It seems that it would be enough if the wizard left the hero, but for one reason or another, it seems that this is not possible.

How to enjoy this audio

A wizard who has been taken over by a succubus comes on to you lewdly for your semen.

If you can endure the torture for three days, you win.
Please listen to the happy ending audio.
On the fourth day, you will enjoy sweet sex with a wizard who has been freed from the succubus.

If you can’t stand it for three days and ejaculate, you lose.
Please stop the audio when you have ejaculated and listen to the bad end audio.
You will be squeezed for semen by a wizard who has been completely taken over by a succubus.

The order in which to listen to the audio

Please listen to [rulemp3](rule explanation) first.
On the first day, please listen to [day1mp3](day 1).
For day 2, please listen to [day2mp3](day 2).
For day 3, please listen to [day3mp3](day 3).

If you can make it to the end of the audio for day 3 without ejaculating
On the fourth day, please listen to [HappyEndmp3](happy ending).

HappyEndmp3 is a conversation set for the next morning.
We recommend listening to it in the morning of the fourth day, but you can also listen to it in the evening of the third day.

If you ejaculate at any point during the three days, take a short break and then
If you ejaculate at some point during the three days, take a break and listen to [BadEndmp3](Bad End).

The only reason to take a break is because you will be squeezed out by BadEndmp3.
If you have the energy to ejaculate continuously, you may continue listening without a break.

rufflemp3 Rule explanation 18:45 * Mono

What does [brave man, what does [lewd] mean?]

A wizard has been cursed by a succubus.
The wizard doesn’t even know what [lewdly attack] means in the ancient texts.
The wizard, who doesn’t understand the meaning of [attack lewdly] written in an ancient document, realizes the gravity of the matter by consulting a brave man.

What? What? A sex …… thing, huh? I’m going to be attacked by a sex ……?

You can’t do that! I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
I know very little about it] [

[My mom said I shouldn’t do anything naughty until I’m a bride.
I’m sorry, Mom. I know it’s the succubus’ fault, but I’m breaking my word.] [

The succubus’ temporary reign begins tonight.
Hold your ejaculation and help the wizard.

■day1mp3 Day 1 32:59 *binaural

This is the first day.
A wizard controlled by a succubus is closing in on you.
She incites your ejaculation with kisses, hand jobs, and lewd begging.

You’ve got such a big penis, you know.

This is the same condition as my pussy, isn’t it?] [

I’m going to whisper lewd words to you at close range to get you to do it.
Please do not ejaculate.

day2mp3 day 2 31:38 *binaural

This is the second day.
Begging, handjobs, blowjobs and ear licking to increase your ejaculation desire.

[Oh, what a wonderful prick. How wonderful.
Okay, fine pacifier, I’ll take it.] [

前日よりも激しく迫ってきますが、Please do not ejaculate.

day3mp3 day 3 32:41 *binaural

This is the third day.
They will try to take your semen with panting, ear licking, lewd talk and sex.

It’s the first time I’ve done this.
Mom and Dad must have made me by doing such pleasant things.

The succubus, who has gained control, squeezes with all her might through insertion.

Please do not ejaculate.

BadEndmp3 Bad End 25:37 * Binaural

It’s because you’ve ejaculated.
A succubus has completely taken over the body of a wizard.

Resistance is now pointless.
It’s too late for anything, so do as you’re told and ejaculate.

Finally, the succubus weakens her control just a bit and lets the wizard say his last words.
Be prepared to listen.

After that, the succubus completely erases the wizard’s consciousness.

You have trampled the wizard’s thoughts.
If only you had been patient, a happy future would have awaited you.

■HappyEndmp3 Happy End 27:32 * Binaural

I held back my ejaculation for three days and fought off a succubus.
You don’t have to hold back anymore.
I had sex with a cute little wizard and made babies inside him.
It’s a great way to reward your lower body for all its hard work.

I’m not a succubus, but I will heal your penis, brave man.
You don’t have to hold back anymore. Please feel free to ejaculate on me.] [

Enjoy sweet sex with a wizard who has been freed from a succubus.

File contents

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rulemp3 18:45 * mono
day1mp3 32:59 *binaural
day2mp3 31:38 *binaural
day3mp3 32:41 *binaural
BadEndmp3 25:37 *binaural
HappyEndmp3 27:32 *binaural
□images Illustration
thrownin Banners and such


Scenario:Takatomo Miyahara
Illustration: Urara @uraraclover
Circle:Ketchup-flavored mayonnaise


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