【The maids of the house】Bakunyu kimono maid is itching to serve her husband!

[Ranking]24 Hours:#8, 7 Days:#45
Title:Bakunyu kimono maid is itching to serve her husband!
Maker:The maids of the house
Release date:2016/08/09
Genre:Maid, kimono/kifuku, lovey-dovey, Creampie, Titties, Bigtits/bigtits

Make love to [homunculus] who were created as the next generation of women.
It’s the 20th edition of [Love me! The 20th edition of [Homun]!

Big tits kimono maid Hikaru Wajidou…

I’m itching to serve you!

Forcing with your mouth! Squeezing with her loving tits!

Pour it all over your slick vagina!

He also ejaculated a lot of cum into her anal cavity!

What? What do you mean you don’t have enough to serve?

The full-color 16-page story with no dialogue or onomatopoeia.
It’s a bonus!

Plus a reduced JPEG image of every page!
Two-page spreads are also included in facing mode!

Number of pages included
PDF]30P (including dialogue – no onomatopoeia)
JPG]34 pages(dialogue – no onomatopoeia, including spread difference)

You can enjoy the illustrations alone! Includes diffs to enhance your imagination!

爆乳和服メイドは旦那さまにご奉仕したくてうずうずしてるっ! [いんとくいんふぉ]

The difference without dialogue of the main story is included.


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