【Megamifuto】Mizu-suite-uru [new dummy head recording x bath ear buds].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#36
Title:Mizu-suite-uru [new dummy head recording x bath ear buds].
Release date:2016/08/20
Genre:moe, healing, ASMR, ChildhoodFriends, Swimsuit, earbuds, whispering

This is a voice drama in which the protagonist becomes lovers with a girl he grew up with who loves him and enjoys the charms of school swimsuits.
The heroine who always accepts you, the hero, with a smile is just like an angel.
It’s a great way to get to know a girl and her personality.

It is recorded with a new type of dummy head.
This movie is recorded with a new type of dummy head microphone.
The sound effects are recorded realistically using the real thing.
It is recommended to lie down in a quiet place and listen with earphones in the same position.
Ear scratching, cuddling, and scrubbing sounds are all included in the new Damihe.

I’m recording sound effects in a real school swimsuit (old type).

We recorded the sound effects using the real school swimsuit, which is the key item of this work.
We have faithfully reproduced the texture of the swimsuit, the sound of it rubbing against the skin, and even the unique feel of it when you touch it.
Of course, when the school swimsuit gets wet, the sound is different.
We have created a work that will satisfy users who love school swimsuits.

Point of interest
-This is the first time I’ve used the word “bikini" in a video game.
-The sound effects are recorded using a real school swimsuit.
-Ear scratching sounds (ear scratching, cotton swabs, Brahma) are reproduced as faithfully as possible to the actual sounds made.
-Bath ear scratching sounds are recorded using a real bathtub.

Extra tracks
-Noise cut version
You can enjoy the work with the voice as it was recorded.
One day at a high school, the day before summer vacation, the last day of school.
There was a girl in your class who had been thinking about you for years.
It’s a great way to get to know the people around you.

But today, I mustered up the courage to finally tell you how much I love you.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman in a school swimsuit.

Sometimes, she wears her school swimsuit on dates, and sometimes she
Sometimes she wears a school swimsuit on dates, sometimes she wears a school swimsuit while ear scratching to relieve your fatigue, and sometimes she wears a school swimsuit while ear scratching to relieve your fatigue.
Sometimes they swim in the pool together.

You love school swimsuits, and Mizuki is cute but a little bit natural, so the school swimsuit comedy begins!
Why don’t you start experiencing the charm of school swimsuits today?

Included tracks
01 Mizuki Mizuki is a heroine.
02 Mizuki is not good at swimsuits.
03 Mizuki changes into a swimsuit.
04 I’m starting to live in a school swimsuit!
05 A beginner’s course in school swimwear for Mizuki
06 I’ll scratch your ears with my school swimsuit
07 Date in school swimsuit this time!
08 Good night in a school swimsuit
09 It all started in the pool, and it all started again in the pool
10 School swimsuit bath ear scratching introduction
11 School swimsuit bath ear scratching course
12 Swimsuit or Mizuki?
13 Epilogue

Voice by Yui Kusuhara
Illustration by Poyon Rokku
Logo Design by Hiiragi Muku ( ISW DESIGNING )
Scenario: Enkan no okoromi
Editing Marukonporo III

★Listen to the demo version first to enjoy the scruffy life with Mizuki!
Extra tracks
-Noise uncut version
You can enjoy the work with the voice as it was recorded!

Character introduction

ミズ着~る【新型ダミーヘッド収録×お風呂耳かき】 [めがみそふと]

Mizuki Mizuki (Mizuki Mizuki) CV Yui Kusuhara

A childhood friend of yours. She’s always had a soft spot for you.
I’ve been chasing you all the way to high school, but the distance between us hasn’t changed at all.
Before the summer vacation, I gathered up my courage and confessed my feelings to you.

However, when you came out to me that you have a severe “school swimsuit fetish," I was very surprised.

Although she is a little reluctant, her “love" for him overpowers her and she proposes to be his “trial lover" in exchange for wearing a school swimsuit during the summer vacation.

She is always smiling and smiling, and her appearance is truly angelic.

My real name is Mizuki, but I can’t wear a bathing suit? I tend to be ridiculed.

The point of particularity

ミズ着~る【新型ダミーヘッド収録×お風呂耳かき】 [めがみそふと]

The bath uses an actual bathtub!


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