【ajaib suara】Just lick and lick -Hina Katakura 2

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Title:Just lick and lick -Hina Katakura 2
Maker:ajaib suara
Release date:2016/01/28
Genre:LovertoLover, softsex, Fellatio, hustling, Maleacceptance, DeepThroating

This work is a work that pursues only [licking sound] incessantly and solely.
The dialogue is minimal, and there is no drama or description of human relationships.

Voice actress Hina Katakura’s licking sound.
Kissing, face, ears, body, and genitals—just enjoy the sound of licking.

Description of the contents

1-Kiss (11 minutes)
2-Face, Ear Licking(16min)
3-Body licking (18 minutes)
4-Fellatio (13min)

Play time – about 61 minutes
File format-mp3
Attachment (extra)-Character image (PNG, JPEG 800×600)

Voice actor – Hina Katakura
Scenario-“Habitual hair bomber
Production-ajaib suara


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