【Skalen Heavy Industry】Virtual Female Body Experience 3 – Female Body Sexuality Development

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#16, 30 Days:#72
Title:Virtual Female Body Experience 3 – Female Body Sexuality Development
Maker:Skalen Heavy Industry
Release date:2015/10/03
Genre:manless, continuousclimax, feminization, Sexchange(TS), Masturbation, Machinerape

Out of curiosity, I dabbled in a [feminization simulator] where I could experience the pleasures of a real female body, but
The main character is unable to feel good due to his rude personality.
But after trying out the [Sexuality Development Program], his feminization life changes drastically.
(There is no connection to the previous or previous two works)

– – –

All female body, original male body does not appear.
Play includes masturbation, clitoral torture, electric masturbation, insertion of two inflatable vibrators, extracorporeal portio, and mechanical rape.
(No real sex with human characters)
The story includes belly-buttoning, pouting, and enlarged nipples and clitoris. Please be careful if you don’t like it.

9 basic CGs, 62p + no text version, 1000×1200 image size.
As a bonus, I’ve included a hug pillow cover-style full-body picture (1 basic, 6 including differences).


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