【Momoiro CODE】[Onsen & Earwax] Dosoya – Hakobera – Mixed Bathing Manners Lecture [174khz Hi-Res].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#37, Total:#210
Title:[Onsen & Earwax] Dosoya – Hakobera – Mixed Bathing Manners Lecture [174khz Hi-Res].
Maker:Momoiro CODE
Release date:2015/09/29
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, Earwax

Some minor corrections were made to the sound source.

A study in manners about mixed bathing in a small, old bathhouse.
After that, it’s a moist, restful earworm of the main tone of the language.
The teasing, lying shopkeeper prioritizes what he wants to do tonight.

● deliberate and natural flow! ●
An ordinary waitress at an ordinary inn.
While you’re flushing your back, here’s a lesson in adult etiquette.
I’m going to have her carefully wash the parts of my body that have bad manners while she teaches me.
You can’t do that, but I’ll give you some reason to mess with me.
It’s very easy to imagine naturally, without any unnatural cloak and dagger.

Just for resting! For rest!

For earworms in hot water, the breathing interval and the tempo of the conversation is almost constant at the rate of deep breathing.
I’ve been listening to a lot of people talk about how they feel when they’re in a room.
Monotonous stimuli can make your head feel fuzzy.

The shape of the room is also realistic! ●
The sound echoes are more realistic and follow the shape of the room.
The sound of the bathroom echoes well. The sound in the Japanese-style room is lightly reverberant.
Bell crickets behind a single shoji, sounds from outside across glass, close walls, four and a half tatami mats, 3m square bathroom, etc.
We are making it look more real with AR script and dummy body microphone.

The closer the better! closer!
Use more movements such as hand gestures to close the distance outside of the voice.
Make [the feeling of being closer to the person next to you] more vivid, not just with the amagami!

●Track length
———- bath ———-(R18)
1-Shall I wash your back?
2-Wash your hands
3-Coed bathing etiquette

———- after hot water ———-
1- Remove from heat
2-Raw heat removal
3-Come to your room
4-Right ear
5-Ear rub
6-Left ear

If you don’t need a massage, please contact
【トラック2-Raw heat removal】を外して再生して下さい。


Circle:Momoshiki CODE

Other than voice: Momotori


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