【Hedone / Hinata Akikawa】My Idea of a Succubus in the World

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Title:My Idea of a Succubus in the World
Maker:Hedone / Hinata Akikawa
Release date:2015/09/26
Genre:HandJob, footjob, scorching, maleacceptance, anal

What if one day a succubus in a school uniform suddenly appeared?
You’ve been attacked by a succubus no matter where you are. I give you such a life.

“I’m going to make you hard. You’re so messed up and it feels so good, you don’t even know what you’re saying.

The more you do it, the hotter it gets, and the more sensitive the surface sensations become, and the more my tongue licks it, rough and slurpy. [

I’d like to know what you think of this.

wav in one room(17:05)
Foot job, sock job
2 wav in train(17:13)
Nipple torture, hand job
3Wav in the toilet(13:53)
Anal torture, blowjob
2wav in 4 rooms(19:41)
masturbation, tail job

Total play time(67:52)

3 image files

CV: Hinata Akikawa
Illustration: Mr. Kosuke Amamitsu
Sound effects: Mr. Miniko Materials
Production: Hedone


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