【Kurogetsu-do/Kanase】Memories in Summer

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Title:Memories in Summer
Release date:2015/09/25
Genre:Healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Girl, Earwax, handjob

A work that feels like a slice of summer scenery ■.

[Nothing much happened this summer either~].
This is an audio work for you.

The sound of cicadas, the sound of wind chimes—.
This is an audio work that you can enjoy with the sounds of summer.

Enjoy your virtual summer memories with this work!


This recording was done beside a dummy head, with the voice actors actually moving their bodies as they performed.
Walking up to you, or sitting beside you and talking while looking into the distance—.
You will enjoy the realistic voice.


Sound effects are made by Six Senses!
Recorded with a binaural microphone!

(*Only the sound of sliding doors uses existing sound effects)


01Afternoon Natsuiro mp3—06:39
02Summer Earwax mp3—17:25
03dusk natsuirou mp3—03min 14sec
04Natsu no knee pillow groping mp3—26min 45sec
05evening darkness summer color mp3—29min 35sec
06Morning Natsuiro mp3—01min 33sec

Playback total—1 hour 25 minutes 14 seconds

As a bonus, free talk by the voice actors is included.
Package illustration included.
High quality MP3(44100Hz/16bit/320kbps/stereo).


Bundled application for android!
Please make sure to check the operation with the trial version.

You can enjoy the same sound quality as the full version.


This is a 3D sound work recorded with a binaural microphone.
Please enjoy it with headphones or earphones.


Script – Editing – CV: Kanase

Illustration: Yukki


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