【Voice☆Sex☆System】A Geisha’s Lustful Zashiki

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Title:A Geisha’s Lustful Zashiki
Release date:2015/09/25
Genre:Kimono/kifuku, earcandling, Masturbation, Fellatio

A geisha in Kyoto, Japan.

A geisha, but the tatami room you visit is a bit different.

A tatami room for lewd and lascivious behavior.

Enjoy a relaxing and erotic space with Kyoto and Kansai dialects.

1 Hey there *Greetings

2 Let me do it with my mouth *Fellatio

3 Watch me do it by myself *Masturbation

4 Lewd words in the ear *Covert words

5 Hand job

6 Ear cleaning *Ear scraping

7 The other ear too *Ear scratching

8 Omake desu *Free talk

Scenario: Paco Shirakawa

CV: Paco Shirakawa

Illustration: Rai Samurai

Ear scratching sound effect: Mr. Shminosounds

1 hour


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