【Genghis Khan’s onions are my wife】Skin This 15

[Ranking]24 Hours:#11, 7 Days:#33
Title:Skin This 15
Maker:Genghis Khan’s onions are my wife
Release date:2015/09/23
Genre:Schoolswimsuit, Sexchange(TS), masturbation, Bigtits/bigtits

The second in a series of skin-based TSF erotic comics using [skin] that can be worn to become the same body as the ship’s daughter.

The special equipment that allows you to transform into the exact body of a shipgirl when you wear it, “Outfitting Membrane.

The admiral wears the second prototype, I19’s [outfitting membrane].

The transformation process of a leather-based TSF is depicted in a little more detail without any real scenes.

It will be a book about just masturbating and cumming with I19’s body.

14 pages including cover (9 pages of manga)


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