【Muse】Black Gal JK Ejaculation Endurance Game

[Ranking]24 Hours:#30, 7 Days:#41, 30 Days:#57
Title:Black Gal JK Ejaculation Endurance Game
Release date:2015/10/03
Genre:Gal, Bitch, masturbation, Verbalabuse, Blondes

Huh? You want to see me naked?
No, I’m not taking my clothes off for real, okay?
I’m serious about my eyes and stuff, and I’m breathing through my nose, and it’s really creepy.

Hikaru – …….

I don’t know.
You really want to see that?

I’m sure you’ll like it.
Let’s play a game, let’s play a game.
If you can do what I say, I’ll show you something sexy.

I’ll show you some porn if you can do what I say.


You are forced to play an ejaculation endurance game in order to see a black gal you met on the internet naked.

Can you stand the temptation of black gal JK’s order?

-Play description Nipple torture Short bursts of masturbation Ear licking Mutual masturbation

-02_nipple masturbation
-03_Ear licking & skittish masturbation

-Total time about 56 minutes

HP http://mochi.moo.jp/

Voice actor Mochi Yomogi-sama

HP http://amenoaria.blog.fc2.com/

Script by Aria Ameno

pixiv http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=7381611

Illustration by Jiro

If you have any comments about the work or requests for the next work, please contact

twitter http://twitter.com/1994_muse

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