【Maho Kobo / Ai Azuma】The Executioner: The Energy Training of the Grim Reaper Pharmichael File01 Basic Energy Circulation Techniques

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Title:The Executioner: The Energy Training of the Grim Reaper Pharmichael File01 Basic Energy Circulation Techniques
Maker:Maho Kobo / Ai Azuma
Release date:2015/05/20
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, girl, Angel/Devil, Occult, Magic, tsundere

~Farmichael the Reaper’s Energy Training~.
(EXECUTIONER -FallMichelle’s Energy Training-)

Basic Techniques of Energy Circulation

A summary pack of volumes 1-3 has been released.

■A series of abjuration techniques by Falmichel, the god of death, finally released!
This is the content of a series in which the Grim Reaper, Farmichelle, teaches the laws of energy circulation and karma.

The special feature of this series is that it focuses on the exploitative and parasitic beings [energy vampires] that are prevalent on this planet.
This is an energy vampire killer series that focuses on the exploitation and parasitism that is prevalent on this planet, and how to deal with it by learning its methods, scams and exploitation mechanisms.

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These crazy people, energy vampires, who suck the energy of others, cheat them and take it for themselves, are harmful to many life forms, and even dangerous to shorten the life span of the planet, but knowledge of energy is not widespread on this planet.
But on this planet, knowledge of energy is not widespread and energy vampires are walking around with impunity.

In this game, Falmichelle, the goddess of death, comes down to this world to expose the fatal weaknesses of energy vampires and spread the knowledge of energy.

In this series, you will learn knowledge and techniques about energy and karma, which will not only help you understand magic and other things, but also help you understand how to use it.
-If you are suffering from energy vampires
-Those suffering from unreasonable exploitation
-If you are suffering from aggressive and overbearing classmates, bosses, or parents.
It also contains useful information for those who are

There are no prerequisites for learning the techniques in this series, such as magic or magical eyes.

There are no prerequisites for learning the techniques in this series.

Main menu flow

Introduction (beginning drama and explanation)
Practical part
-Gratitude techniques
-Energy exchange and circulation
-Exchange of biological partners
-Two way approach
● Summary

Summary Supplementary Knowledge PDF
-The difference between energy vampires and sane beings – Characteristics
-Why do bullies do it? (The relationship between trauma and energy)
-How Energy Scams Work
-Why the media gives us negative news
-Why failed celebrities and politicians flame out
-The debt that the exploited class, protected by the system, accumulates every day
-Existence that is better off without energy exchange
-loans and recriminations
-Weaknesses of energy vampires, etc.

Track contents (total recording time 38:07)
-01Executioner01 Introduction to the Energy Cycle(14:18)
-02Executioner01Energy Cycle Practice(19:13)
-03Executioner01Energy Cycle Summary(4:36)

(This work comes with a PDF of supplementary knowledge)

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Farmichel CV:Ai Azuma


BGM:Free BGM-MusMus

Scriptwriting-Sound Editing-Sound Effects:Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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