【Brick Publishing】Hatsu Ai ~Hatsu Ai~ [Doujin Version] (1) A Stormy Night

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Title:Hatsu Ai ~Hatsu Ai~ [Doujin Version] (1) A Stormy Night
Maker:Brick Publishing
Release date:2021/06/11
Genre:LovertoLover, purelove

This work is an ebook version of a private magazine work by Tanaka Yutaka. [27 pages].

The brand new pure white dress is
It was soaking wet and transparent.

A peaceful date plan is
An unseasonably large storm left no trace.
I was blown away.

The first kiss
Second kiss
From the third kiss

The third kiss turned into a tongue-in-cheek kiss

A new installment in the author’s life’s work, the [First Love] series!


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