【Wani Magazine Co.】I am not me

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Title:I am not me
Maker:Wani Magazine Co.
Release date:2021/06/01
Genre:childhoodfriend, student, celebrity/idol/model, Cosplayers, Romanticcomedy, Fantasy, Bukkake, Nakadashi, Fellatio, Anal, virgin

It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
This is the first time I’ve ever been to the beach.
This is Yuzuno Kiichi’s first digital book that depicts a variety of perversions of love.

I’m not me
This is the first digital book by Yuzu Kiichi about various perversions of love.
I was so excited about my first cosplay photo shoot that I was approached and had a private photo shoot at a love hotel.

A special day
This is a couple who met on the 2222nd day (Nyan Nyan anniversary). She got a set of cat ears for him.
The tail, which I didn’t know how to use, was designed to be an anal plug.

high-pitched squeal

In the two years since she became an idol, Yui Hiiragi has successfully completed a one-man live. It is her habit to masturbate in the bathroom to cool down her body after the concert. It’s a great time to be an idol.

I’m only for you
A perverted teacher secretly sniffs the uniforms of a JK in the classroom. The student wants to understand the fetish of the teacher he loved and become one with him. The perverted feelings are realized in the form of reverse rape.


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